I would like to say thank you for your interest in Urban Krav Maga and I welcome you.
While you scroll through the content of my website, I hope that you will find some answers to your questions and be positively influenced to try a class session.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be teaching and providing life-saving skills to people who are guided my way. I give thanks to the divine creator for life, health, energy and ability to do all that I do. I am thankful for all of my instructors who have guided me over the past 20 years of my martial arts journey which is a never-ending path, with many challenges. I am also thankful for my wife who keeps me balanced and tells me with sincere honesty the things that help me become better at what I do. All the good that I do is due to those I have mentioned.

It is with deep appreciation that I express my thanks to all the students who have trained with me over the years and those who are still with me. I thank you for giving me your time and allowing me the pleasure in teaching you.

In my sphere of teaching, everyone is important. By working together, we learn from each other, our strengths, weaknesses and life experiences. We promote friendship and share mutual respect in order to learn in a healthy and productive training environment. This is how we can achieve our goals.

My aims are:
To introduce new students of Urban Krav Maga to something that they will embrace and learn with keen attention and constant practice inside and outside of the class sessions. The same applies to existing students.

We welcome everyone regardless of race, colour, culture or creed. All that I ask is you have a positive approach and the right mindset to achieving your training goals or just to learn the system of Urban Krav Maga.

I will provide classes with various techniques intended to address the common attacks on the streets and will also hold workshops and seminars occasionally to allow students the opportunity to develop their skills by giving them prolonged instruction and correction, as well as encouragement.

I hope to make a positive influence that will empower people through the many benefits of training in Urban Krav Maga. I hope to enhance in those who train with me the qualities of discipline, tolerance, confidence, health, happiness peace and harmony developed through the modern forms of self-defence training.

I am committed to delivering high standards of teaching, by observing and listening to my students I can assist them to fully grasp and develop the techniques.

My aim is to keep the class sessions as motivating, instructional and empowering as possible, with the intended results of well rounded, strong, happy and confident students in return.

I am not welcoming of puffed up egos or heavy-handed practitioners. The intensity of our classes can vary and I am the one who controls the pace. We train real but we train very carefully.

Thank you for taking the time to read this mission statement. I hope you will decide to join us. Should you decide not to, then I wish you peace in your continued search.